Taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

The BGV Connect Incubator is dedicated to the Black Girl Ventures' mission to accelerate 100,000 Black/Brown women.

If you can rock with this, you can rock with us!

  • We believe in doing good by doing well.
  • We believe that social capital is the key to unlocking financial capital.
  • We want to learn from experts in order to become experts and make more money.
  • We view financial independence as a path to leadership and sustainable businesses.
  • We recognize that there is information that we as Black/Brown women have not historically had access to and we plan to gain access to it together, strategically.
  • We believe that access to capital, healthcare, professional services, and a network of women founders will distinguish the barriers to long-term business sustainability. 
  • We believe in sharing resources, talking through challenges, holding space for one another, and celebrating our victories.


“Just last week I met other women in a networking group and I told them about BGV Connect.  A few of them came to join this community because of its authenticity. we are the market makers as black women, we need to remember we hold such great amount of power."

Brooke Sinclair,  Founder of Velour Imports 

"IIt wasn’t until I joined this community that I felt like I was somewhere that I  am comfortable enough to speak up when I didn't know what things meant and be honest and vulnerable. This community is more than what I've gotten from more traditional organizations where I feel like you have to put on a front to be part of a group.”  

Christina Wright,  Founder of WrightNow